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Character suggestion

Vigilante heavy. Offense. Western. uses ambassador

Skills "Pootis paw!" , Insta-kill, can't be used on bosses. 1 use per battle.     " "Buterbrod" " Heals 15000 Health. can be given to another. heals 7500 Health. 

Health: 30000.

Attack: 2500 per attack

Crit rate: 0.50%

Crit dmg: 25000

A. W. and D.W. Didnt understand this one.

A heavy putting in a bullet in ambassador and shooting in enemy. If its a crit then heavy is shooting directly in the head. each turn he uses a different ambassador.

Idle animation is him itching his ass lmao

Visuals - A heavy in a suit, holding 2 ambassadors, mustache and a cowboy hat.


what the hell?!

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when are you making maggot?

based on the invincible and spiderdemo series.


Hey dude, heaRd the news about the Unity thing. Is everything okay for you guys?


RED SHADOW MAGGOTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Can someone tell me how to download it

you can't it's still in develepment.

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This video is sponsered by RED: Shadow Maggots! also known as RSM! 

RED: Shadow Maggots is still a work-in-progress,but a final release is set before the end of 2023 (hopefully) The scope for this game has increased dramatically, so expect the development of the game to go on for a few years. Nevertheless, we are still actively working on the game and we will post updates whenever there is anything substantial to show.

Here are some things you can expect to see in the full version.  Items in the list are subject to change as features are deemed feasible/unfeasible.

  • Lootboxes, gachas and microtransactions! (You love these right?)
  • Jokes that make fun of lootboxes, gachas and microtransactions
  • Progression mechanics (that respect your time)
  • An endless rogue-like mode
  • Card collection and party management
  • Player-to-player trading
  • Some story system, or at least some dialogue for the token tutorial segment

R:SM will satiate my craving for a TF3

can you buy it yet


they said in the FAQ that it will never cost money


Is it available on Android yet?



hey, im having a problem installing it, when i try, it doesnt have a game version to install, is there a reason or is it just me.

thanks in advance

its w.i.p

it is in development


Can you play this on mobile? I would love to play this if it's possible

oh no so this does exist

is soupcan pyro gonna be in here

This Games Makes Me Wanna-

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Add THE pirate spy

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Red shadow maggots! That's good.

old sniper better be playable c:<


also I was wondering if you're planning on adding characters from other characters of youtube gmod stuff than eltorro's


If Possible Can You Add Demoman on this video

(The Only Drunken He Don’t Know For Real)

By: pooooti

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An idea of character (even if I know you won't care about this comment) is the Madic (a "hyper aggressive battle Medic who refuse to heal his team and get angry all the time" or a "F2P Medic who doesn't know what to do")

spy in our base!




Idea for character: Mann can

Bassicaly Iron trash can with soldiers legs, helmet and voice lines.  :D

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Is this going to be downloadable for macbooks?


read the faq

How do u know how many character the game will have? Or how you know their names and attacks?


We make it all up as we go

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cant believe that someone is actually working on a raid shadow legends parody made by a gmod animator


How do you dowload it


It is still being developed, no builds for now

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As someone who is a maggot, i require everyone abandon RSL when RSM comes out, and play RSM


is this still being worked on?


Yes, maggot.


I don't know if you are accepting character ideas, but here is my pitch.

Boss: Mount Fortmore-HP: 10,000, Damage: 15, Def: 20

Skills: Battle cry-spooks some team members for a short time, Wait is 10 turns

           Summon-calls for aid during the battle, wait is 15 turns

Attacks: Vacuum-sucks in someone from the team and for one turn the trapped teammate will receive damage.

               Spit-Spits out debris in a pattern that can be blocked and countered (If a perfect block is achieved, that rock will fly back to the mountain)

Defeat strategy: Each of the 4 heads has 2500 HP, a trapped teammate can be released before damage is dealt if damage is dealt to that head.

I will use this post as a place to post my idea.

So basically gibus is same as door but heals and for enemies only

How about my boss idea post is now somewhere for fans to put ideas

Idk man

Will be available for linux too? For the Steam Deck of course

I’ve got my on Steam Deck now, so yes absolutely!


I genuinely can't wait lmao

Someone told me that you have frozen the project at the moment, is that true?


The game is still being worked on, though communication and update posts are a bit sparse. I’ll put out a notice if development is ever put on hold for an extended period.

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