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Have a question? I've probably answered it in the FAQ!

No, this game isn't abandoned, I will make it very clear if I choose to stop working on it forever


A work-in-progress build will be up soon! In the meantime, do follow me on Twitter if you want weekly updates on development progress, otherwise,  follow the project (click the button in the top right corner) to stay up to date on new Itch dev-logs!

This project was originally developed as part of TF2 Map's 2020 72hr Content Jam.  The jam build contains a limited amount of functionality and can be found here. A more complete version of the game with a more fleshed out combat system, animations and visual effects shall be released soon-ish!


You control three menacing mercenaries on your quest to defeat the boss in this fan-adaption of Eltorro64Rus's spoof of RAID: Shadow Legends ads!
Mercenaries are distributed randomly when you begin the game, each are of a different rarity.

Features to Come:

RED: Shadow Maggots is still a work-in-progress, but a final release is set before the end of 2021 (hopefully)! The scope for this game has increased dramatically, so expect the development of the game to go on for a few years. Nevertheless, we are still actively working on the game and we will post updates whenever there is anything substantial to show.

Here are some things you can expect to see in the full version.  Items in the list are subject to change as features are deemed feasible/unfeasible.

  • Lootboxes, gachas and microtransactions! (You love these right?)
  • Jokes that make fun of lootboxes, gachas and microtransactions
  • Progression mechanics (that respect your time)
  • An endless rogue-like mode
  • Card collection and party management
  • Player-to-player trading
  • Some story system, or at least some dialogue for the token tutorial segment

Meet the Team:
Brogrammist - Programming
ten_condiments - Lineart and Colouring
nekon - Colouring
Prismriver Orchestra - Music Composition

Special Thanks and Credits:
Valve Corporation for the IP, Sounds and Voices
Eltorro64Rus for inspiring the project
Tsunoa Games - Medieval Castle Pack
Evgenia - A Piece of Nature
Rexard - GUI Mega Pack

Icons made by Becris from www.flaticon.com
Updated 16 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing, Card Game
TagsFangame, raid-shadow-legends, red-shadow-maggots, Strategy RPG, team-fortress-2, tf2, Turn-Based Combat

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How do you dowload it

It is still being developed, no builds for now

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As someone who is a maggot, i require everyone abandon RSL when RSM comes out, and play RSM


is this still being worked on?

Yes, maggot.


I don't know if you are accepting character ideas, but here is my pitch.

Boss: Mount Fortmore-HP: 10,000, Damage: 15, Def: 20

Skills: Battle cry-spooks some team members for a short time, Wait is 10 turns

           Summon-calls for aid during the battle, wait is 15 turns

Attacks: Vacuum-sucks in someone from the team and for one turn the trapped teammate will receive damage.

               Spit-Spits out debris in a pattern that can be blocked and countered (If a perfect block is achieved, that rock will fly back to the mountain)

Defeat strategy: Each of the 4 heads has 2500 HP, a trapped teammate can be released before damage is dealt if damage is dealt to that head.

I will use this post as a place to post my idea.

So basically gibus is same as door but heals and for enemies only

How about my boss idea post is now somewhere for fans to put ideas

Idk man

Will be available for linux too? For the Steam Deck of course

I’ve got my on Steam Deck now, so yes absolutely!


I genuinely can't wait lmao

Someone told me that you have frozen the project at the moment, is that true?


The game is still being worked on, though communication and update posts are a bit sparse. I’ll put out a notice if development is ever put on hold for an extended period.

I wonder if Eltorro saw this masterpiece and what would he say about it?

как скачать?


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A reference to the TF2 Freaks, like Painis Cupcake or Vagineer. They were impactful to the TF2 community, and people who used to watch old TF2 Garry's Mod animations should remember them well. I think that they would perfectly compliment the bizarre nature of this fangame.


Absolutely fantastic!




Found this from Reddit, looks sick ASF ♥️

Can't wait to try it


i remember everyone joked about this being real game, not it will me real perfection!

we need an ET



red shadow MAGGOTS! the best game!

Hello, I can record some chill TF2 tunes if you want for background music and stuff. Here are the ones I have recorded in a archive. If you like them, I can change them to be less "out there" and more "subdued" or faster or slower... you get the idea (if I can find the original MIDI's).


Hi Shcookius, I appreciate you offering to contribute! DM me on Discord at Brogrammist#2265 if you’re still interested in helping us out and we can talk about it there

I sure do hope this will be free game

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Can we play on release on the phones?

The game is being designed with mobile in mind, but only Android will be supported since iOS is too costly to develop for.

do you have discord server or something where you post updates apart from twitter?

No, it’ll just be here and Twitter. Big updates will have a video on Youtube. We’ll make a Discord server when we decide it’s necessary to have one, probably when we release the Demo and want to receive more feedback

i see good luck with project

I'm dying to know what happened to development. Is it going well?

Sorry for the silence, a new devlog will be up in a few days! Things have been busy toward the end of 2021

why didnt they use the actual red shadow maggots trailer made by eltorro rus? alsi i rly hipe you guys are going to finish this game!

Well it didn't release before the end of 2021 :(.


Holy Shit

this is a beautiful game.

Can't wait to play this

This is amazing.

better than raid shadow legend

I cant wait to play this i want to so damn badly-


Cant wait to battle Pootus Spencer; the first Poot, with a team made up of Scoutamiedies, Tiny Desk Engineer and Toxic-can Pyro.

(1 edit)

I cant wait to fight myself. Menacing Pyro, The Lorde of Fire Kritz, and the most powerful Pyromancer of all the land!


Does Eltorro64rus help you on the project or just being an inspirator for you to make this project?


Primarily an inspiration, but I do reach out for clarification regarding the contents and how he does things in his video


How much do you wanna bet that the people behind Raid: Shadow Legends are actually go try and Nintendo this?

(1 edit) (+2)

If RAID sends us a letter, that would mean we got the attention of a big company.

In my eyes, that would be an absolute win


If you kept it all free , and used your own assets, No Cease and desist could legally effect you.


Yes Cant wait for the APK for Android God at least its better than the "BEST RPG OF 2019" Raid because of Micro transactions 

Most definitely going to enjoy this while waiting for resin on genshin to refill


Hey, Will this be on Android, in APK format? I'd honestly LOVE to play this on the go on my phone, so i'd appreciate it if ya guys make an android version. Thanks!


Absolutely, we plan on building out an Android version of the game!


Awesome looking forward to when the full game will be released.


wouldn't you run into some copyright issues?


With RAID, so long as we don’t try to compete with them (charge money) on their home terf (the mobile app market) and we make sure to clearly distinguish ourselves from them so as not to confuse any potential customers, the project should probably be safe. Worst case scenario, they’ll tell us to change the name, but getting acknowledged by a big company is pretty cool so I wouldn’t even be mad.

Valve is pretty chill, and I’d be happy if they sent me an email at all


btw will this be available for linux?


Yup. Should also work on Steam Deck.


oh thats nice

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