We're now on Steam! Check it out there if you want like, 4 achievements and a playtime tracker, but the Itch.io version will be consistently updated as well.


Reimu just got a brand new gun and will shoot on sight, on site.

The first person she sees is Sakuya.

"So anyway, I started blasting", said the shrine maiden, recalling the incident.


Touhou Crisis is a Time Crisis inspired Touhou fan game that plays like a shooting gallery. To win, deplete the boss's health bar 3 times, try not to get knifed!

Singleplayer Challenge the boss to a 1 on 1 battle.
Multiplayer Challenge the boss with a friend or foe. Compete to see who can style on the boss the best!

How to Play

Left Click Select/Fire
ESC Open options

Click on the menu options to select single player or online multiplayer with a friend or random.

  • Game starts off with you hiding behind cover. You cannot be damaged while in cover.
  • Hold SPACE to get out of cover and shoot
  • You can return to cover by releasing SPACE
  • Entering cover also reloads your gun
  • In order to maximize your score, the player must learn the boss' patterns and make clever use of the Yin-Yang Orb combo multiplier.

Combo System

  • The Yin-Yang combo multiplier increases the damage dealt per shot and the number of points the player receives. 
  • Every shot that hits the boss increases the multiplier, but only when the Yin-Yang Orb is deployed. 
  • The Yin-Yang Orb's multiplier will be reset if the player is hit, or if the player doesn't hit the boss while the Orb is deployed.
  • The Yin-Yang Orb will switch between being undeployed/deployed every time the player reloads their weapon. 
  • In singleplayer, the Yin-Yang Orb can be redeployed at any time
  • In multiplayer, the Orb is passed to the other player. First player cannot redeploy it until the second player passes it back
  • When the multiplier is reset, it is reset for both players
  • Players should make the most of the Yin-Yang Orb combo system to do their best!

Meet the Team

Member Roles Check them Out
Brogrammist Programming, Game Design Twitter
greenscarf 2D Artist Twitter
Prismriver Composer (Battle Theme and Victory Music) bandcamp
SirMishMash VFX and 3D Artist, Game and Level Design ArtStation
SlowBro Composer (Menu Theme and Game Over Music) Twitter

Listen to the game's soundtrack here!

Special Thanks:

Table Mountain 1 HDRI from HDRI Haven

Sakura Trees and Torii gate from Japanese Garden Pack

Rocks and Log prop from 3D Game Props

Lots of sound effects from Universal Sound FX and Sound Effect Lab

Gunshot visual effect from Animated Muzzle Flash Pack 1


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Touhou Crisis 1.1.1 (Windows).zip 183 MB
Touhou Crisis 1.1.1 (Linux).zip 186 MB
Artbook & Soundtrack.zip 199 MB
Touhou Crisis 0.1 [Jam Build] 98 MB

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The game works fine for me in the browser, but on steam, whenever I want to play it, it crashes when I edit the game, can you help me?

We’ve received reports from some other users that the game has been crashing on Steam but we haven’t been able to pinpoint the issue. However, your post indicating that the game runs properly in the browser despite crashing on Steam might be the key we needed!

Thank you for playing! Hopefully we’ll have a fix out soon

ok let me know when it's fixed because i really want the steam achievements, thanks


i only got hit 37 times :P

Great game fun and simple 

Really fun with my friends, though the game crashes when I try offline solo (in 1.0.1)

(1 edit)

Thanks for the feedback! In terms of your crashing, I’ve never run into a situation where a player can play online fine but crash in offline. Can you elaborate on the build you’re playing on (PC/Linux/Web) and the exact steps you take up to the point of crashing (do you enter/exit a menu/game before it happens)? Also do post some of your computer specs (GPU, RAM etc) just in-case

(1 edit)

I just tested it in version 1.0.1 and yep online crashes too (The last time I played it with friends was on a different computer so that's probably why). Both the Steam and the downloaded Windows version have the same issue. I press play, it gives me the loading screen, plays an alarm sound and the start of the music, then crashes after a second or so. I checked the error logs, and they give a 0xC0000005 exception. I've tried all the usual fixes to said exception and they don't seem to work.

Sorry to hear that! If you’d like, do send me your crash log file via email at jackyyang267@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you if there are any solutions

The game won't let me play it, i hit offline solo but the game crash on me


Funny, I just played Time Crisis at my bro in law's basement arcade.

Meh, it's alright. I'll give it an 11 out of 10. 


Damn you guys crushed it, nice work